The luxury of a good home baked cake

My cakes have all the good nutrition in them. I selectively add high quality fruit like black currents, dates, raisins, figs, cashew nuts, walnuts…


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Yes food is a luxury, especially home cooked, good for health kind of food. Most people have forgotten the art of cooking from scratch.

Well I make home baked cakes the good old style from scratch. No self raising flour and no pre-mixes either. I make use of all the measuring cups that people hardly have use for any longer.

What’s the benefit?images

My cakes have all the good nutrition in them. I selectively add high quality fruit like black currents which are very good for health and the antioxidants found in blue/black foods are very effective against many of the common diseases we face today. Figs are another ingredient I use most of the time. Freeze dried strawberries, raisins, dates, cashew nuts and walnuts are my main ingredients. You can check the health benefits of each one online and you’ll come up with astounding insight and knowledge.

The health angle

Cakes that are made with less sugar or you could even put in a request for cakes with no sugar which I make with honey. These are excellent for those with a sugar problem. For those who are on medication and not insulin dependent. So you can enjoy low sugar cakes from Home Bake Gurgaon. If you are on a fat free diet and trying to avoid all foods that could add to your calories or fat content then you can have the low fat cakes. Here we take special care to ensure that there is minimal fat in these cakes.We keep the cakes tasty and supple using substitute ingredients that are non-fat

No icing? FullSizeRender_6.jpg

Is icing good for you? Most people don’t realize how bad it is for you. In fact commercial bakeries are using a chemical ingredient for icing that allows it to retain he beautiful shape without melting even in quite high temperatures. When you learn how bad it is for you, you’ll never eat commercial iced cakes again.Now most commercial bakeries have thick layers of icing in between and very little cake. The.propylene glycol

Just imagine what all those chemicals are doing to you. Propylene glycol does not cancer, but it causes skin problems like eczema, liver and kidney damage. This is just for health awareness only. Homemade whipped cream icing or icing made of good ol’ icing sugar is he right kind of icing one should indulge in. Do not mistake the propylene glycol icing as whipped cream…

11 thoughts on “The luxury of a good home baked cake”

  1. Your blogs are informative and they appear to be tasty … I must try them some time. Since I am in Gurgaon you could sell them to me … best of luck


      1. We wanted to come yesterday and day before .. but it was in the early evening … I did not know your whereabouts in Phone or SMS .. I will inform you and take your clearance before coming


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