Sweet tooth craving

Ah many folk suffer the sweet tooth craving and I am just one among the countless millions. There is nothing wrong with eating sweet food. Sugar comes from sugar cane in most parts of the world and from dates in some parts of the world. The way I see it is that both sugar cane and dates are good for you.

Cakes and pastries is another craving that many people have..Cakes can be healthy if your eating low fat cakes. Calories is what most people are counting, even though I can bet you 90% of them have no idea how to count calories.

If you are diabetic then try low sugar cakes. Now no one can accuse you of indulging in what you shouldn’t be eating. When eating cakes just stay away from the icing – that is the unhealthy part.

Commercially made cakes are mostly icing and very little actual cake. You should opt for dry fruit cake. The raisins and dates and other dry fruit are good for your health and the cake comes without icing. The health of eating is eating the cakes and other sweets the right way.


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