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“When it comes to food, ugly simply means that it doesn’t live up to the culturally imposed standard of what a proper item should look like.” The next time you’re at the supermarket, don’t shy away from ugly food, says writer and foodie Anthony Wyatt.

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The cake obsession

The obsession with eating and especially cakes and pastries is commonly found. 90% of the people I know have a sweet tooth. So let’s cut to the chase. You love sweets and usually end up eating unhealthy stuff. This causes you to gain weight and as a result get sick.

How about indulging the healthy way?

Eat home made sweets. Identify people who make deserts and sweets at home – not on a commercial scale. When people go commercial, some folks tend to compromise on quality and resort to lower quality ingredients to cut costs and increase profits. So go for the real home stuff. Where do you find this? Good question! The talkative aunties in your residential complex would be more than glad to provide you with the information. Tactfully cut the conversation short (for your own sake…)

While most people are attracted by the colourful commercial packaging the contents are not worth risking your health on. The attractive cakes at the bakeries are hard to resist even for me.

The propylene glycol in the icing is your ticket to ill health which includes cancer. Resisting temptation in this case culminates in good health and well being. As parents it is our duty to teach our children about what is good for them and what is toxic.

Healthy cakes

Oven fresh home baked cakes is what I do as a passion.So  if you are in Gurgaon and looking for a healthy option of cakes contact me at homebakegurgaon@gmail.com

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The luxury of a good home baked cake

My cakes have all the good nutrition in them. I selectively add high quality fruit like black currents, dates, raisins, figs, cashew nuts, walnuts…

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Yes food is a luxury, especially home cooked, good for health kind of food. Most people have forgotten the art of cooking from scratch.

Well I make home baked cakes the good old style from scratch. No self raising flour and no pre-mixes either. I make use of all the measuring cups that people hardly have use for any longer.

What’s the benefit?images

My cakes have all the good nutrition in them. I selectively add high quality fruit like black currents which are very good for health and the antioxidants found in blue/black foods are very effective against many of the common diseases we face today. Figs are another ingredient I use most of the time. Freeze dried strawberries, raisins, dates, cashew nuts and walnuts are my main ingredients. You can check the health benefits of each one online and you’ll come up with astounding insight and knowledge.

The health angle

Cakes that are made with less sugar or you could even put in a request for cakes with no sugar which I make with honey. These are excellent for those with a sugar problem. For those who are on medication and not insulin dependent. So you can enjoy low sugar cakes from Home Bake Gurgaon. If you are on a fat free diet and trying to avoid all foods that could add to your calories or fat content then you can have the low fat cakes. Here we take special care to ensure that there is minimal fat in these cakes.We keep the cakes tasty and supple using substitute ingredients that are non-fat

No icing? FullSizeRender_6.jpg

Is icing good for you? Most people don’t realize how bad it is for you. In fact commercial bakeries are using a chemical ingredient for icing that allows it to retain he beautiful shape without melting even in quite high temperatures. When you learn how bad it is for you, you’ll never eat commercial iced cakes again.Now most commercial bakeries have thick layers of icing in between and very little cake. The.propylene glycol

Just imagine what all those chemicals are doing to you. Propylene glycol does not cancer, but it causes skin problems like eczema, liver and kidney damage. This is just for health awareness only. Homemade whipped cream icing or icing made of good ol’ icing sugar is he right kind of icing one should indulge in. Do not mistake the propylene glycol icing as whipped cream…

Sweet tooth craving

Ah many folk suffer the sweet tooth craving and I am just one among the countless millions. There is nothing wrong with eating sweet food. Sugar comes from sugar cane in most parts of the world and from dates in some parts of the world. The way I see it is that both sugar cane and dates are good for you.

Cakes and pastries is another craving that many people have..Cakes can be healthy if your eating low fat cakes. Calories is what most people are counting, even though I can bet you 90% of them have no idea how to count calories.

If you are diabetic then try low sugar cakes. Now no one can accuse you of indulging in what you shouldn’t be eating. When eating cakes just stay away from the icing – that is the unhealthy part.

Commercially made cakes are mostly icing and very little actual cake. You should opt for dry fruit cake. The raisins and dates and other dry fruit are good for your health and the cake comes without icing. The health of eating is eating the cakes and other sweets the right way.

Eating Right

On the other hand street food – what a lot of us consider unhealthy or unhygienic is healthier that restaurant food

What we eat defines not just our health and well being but also the state of our mind. When you eat healthy food you feel invigorated and you mind is energized.

Isn’t this what we all want? We want the result, but it comes with some discipline. Eating healthy is easy – limit your intake of outside food. Eat at home. Whatever is prepared in your kitchen will give you some nutrition.

Eating out

The basic idea behind eating at home is to prevent putting garbage inside your body. You have no idea what goes into restaurant food. If you did you would never eat out again.

What say you about street food?

On the other hand  street food – what a lot of us consider unhealthy or unhygienic is healthier that restaurant food. This applies for food that is being cooked in front of you only. Like parathas or egg and bread. Food that is prepared elsewhere like biryani you should probably stay away from.

Yummy Fast food

McDonalds, YoChina, KFC and many more, your mouth starts watering at the sound of these names. All fast foods are synonymous with cancer, diabetes, heart disease – so let’s reassess what we are tempting our children with. With all the temptation around it is hard to resist – so lets cut down the consumption to once or twice a month. If you’re on a total home food diet your system will get rid of all the toxin in these foods right away. So you are safe, but don’t over do it.

What about cakes?

In general pastries should be prepared at home or avoided from commercial bakeries. The icing used for these cakes is very unhealthy – it is not cream but made of chemicals.

At Home Bake Gurgaon all our cakes are made at home. Over and above that we use healthy ingredients. We also have our healthy line of foods like low fat cakes and low sugar cakes. The cakes do not have icing, but are filled with fruit and nuts depending on the variety.

Call 9313030077 to place your order or email homebakegurgaon@gmail.com

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